ETLZen is all about automation with the value proposition of saving TIME, COST AND EFFORT on your PowerCenter projects.Why spend many man-hours, thin operational budget and your strategic Informatica resources for development, when you can automate 80 -90% of the Power Center mapping development process?

ETLZen’s unique ability to automate the source to stage mappings to create operation data store is a great way to fast track your first step of the project. Taking that to the next level, we will automate upto 90% of your Data Integration, Data Migration and Data Warehousing build from Stage to Star Schema model or any pre-defined industry or custom models.

ETLZen will not only automate Slowly Changing Dimensions Type 1, 2, 3 and Fact Load Mappings for Data Warehousing, but the software also has the unique ability to understand Star Schema relationships and automate the build of workflow dependency loads. Yes, we have taken automation to the next level!

ETLZen’s goal is MORE WITH LESS with project development adhering to Informatica’s Velocity methodology best practices and new age intuitive GUI to hide PowerCenter transformation complexities.

Is your organization serious about lean integration or agile development practices or is currently running a lean IT shop? Then, ETLZen is your answer.

We are the experts in automation and we will meet many of your TIME, COST AND RESOURCE constraints by driving value through ETLZen.

Fast track your below Informaticaprojects with ETLZen:

  • Operational Data Store / Staging Area
  • Data Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Subject Area Data Mart
  • Industry Standard Data Model Data Load Automation