About Us

Deccan Plateau started in January of 2013 by three ex-Informatica industry veterans, who share a common mission of providing exceptional services to an ever growing need of solving complexdata problems across data driven companies.

Are you looking for data management experts? Are you looking for a consulting partner who goes above and beyond to ensure customer success? Then you are looking in the right place.

We are the data people. We are the data experts. And we create data assets via data management practices.

The word “Deccan”, is derived from the Sanskrit word “Daksina”, which translates to “South”. The Deccan Plateau is a highland area that forms the southern part of India and has a rich historical significanceof great Indian Empires and Dynasties, dating back to 300 BC. The land is occupied by beautifully carved temples, forts, palaces and intricate architecture that isstill standing tall to this day. Many of the monuments within the Deccan Plateau have been inducted as UNSECO world heritage sites.

It is this culturally unique area of India that all three co-founders are native to.I bet you are proud of your roots. Well, so are we!

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